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3 Must Send Love Messages for Him or Her Every Day

Love Messages for Him or Her Every Day: Time is one of the greatest measures of growth in romantic relationships. Every day we live, we absolutely get older in age – a known fact for all and sundry! We wake up every day and discover a day has been added to our lives

Love Messages for Him or Her Every Day

And conversely, we know that a day has been removed from the number of days we would spend on earth.  This reasoning must be infused into our relationship life if we so wish to navigate to fulfillment.

Love is good, caring is soothing, but not learning to thrust more energy into growing the passion your lover has, is nothing but a killer to the growth of your relationship.

So like I said, and promised, here are three types of love messages you must send to your lover on daily basis.

Good Morning Love Messages

The morning is the best time to shower him or her with undiluted love through messages, knowing that it takes a good morning to get a better afternoon and then the best night. By making your lover feeling loved, by showing him or her a piece of your loving heart in the morning, getting them to love you forever is just some emotional gyration away.
It is not enough to carry heady love. You must make every minute count for your relationship and it is by then you can beat your chest and say, I LOVE YOU.

With no gainsay, it is imperative to make him or her see you as the reason he or she needs to take the next step from the bed.
And the best time to do this is when your lover is still in bed. You might not be there to wake them up, so let your sweet messages do it!
No matter who you are, and as long as you say you have someone you love, it is a must that you show your love in a special way. And statistically, it’s been proven that words of affirmation, through electronic means (messages or calls) and face-to-face verbal conversation, is one of the ways a relationship measures up for fulfillment, growth, and stability.


  • You are the reasons for a good morning
    You are the reason for a better day,
    Not being there doesn’t mean I don’t care.
    You deserved to be loved more and more.
    Good morning my sweet candy. Love Messages for Him or Her
  • You are my best I am candid,
    You are my true love, and that indeed!
    I choose to love you eternally in cash and kind.
    And for your love, I can choose to lose my mind!
  • Nothing beautifies my morning than your thought.
    Nothing edifies me within than your love.
    You are the reason for my unspeakable joy,
    And you are more than the dish I enjoy.
  • Your love is perfect with no imperfection,
    It’s cute and ecstatic without with no but!
    It’s sweet and sweet with no addictive.
    And I don’t mind taking it morning and night.
  • You are more than what you think you are with me.
    You are my joy and more than my happiness you are.
    You are more than love in your own way,
    And forever you will stay lovely in my heart. Love Messages for Him or Her
  • Lovely and sweet is what I call you,
    Beautiful like an angel is what you are to me.
    I may be complete, but I’m more perfect with you.
    I love you so much that I can’t describe.
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Just Checking On You! or Just saying Hi

A little baby needs a check on its diaper, and so do many nonagenarians. And going by history, people are getting tenser than before. The boss at office demands more efficiency and of course more income at the end of the month, and so the workload of the workers must increase.

If you are a boss of your own you are lucky and safe
But if you are under someone, as an employee, two things are involved:
It is either you are the employee after the boss’s heart or pain in the neck.
If you are the employee after the boss’ heart you are fortunate and safe;
But if you are a pain in the neck, there are two things involved:
It is either you are seen as too powerful to be dealt with or like a mouse who accidentally enters a cat’s house.

When you are such that is frustrating, whether because you keep your nose on the fry because you know more than every dick and Harry in the office, or you are such that is high up, you need help.

And who knows whether your love is such that needs such help?
Then send him or her “just checking on you” or “I am missing you love messages” could be the magic he or she ever needed. Love Messages for Him or Her


Checking on you might not reduce your workload,
But it sure should make you know someone cares.
I hope it’s not more than you can handle today.
Stay lovely and gorgeous for me.

I needed someone to share my smile with and you were far away,
I thought it wise to send it via SMS, and hope it gets there.
You are missed here than you could ever imagine,
But please make sure no mistakes there. Love Messages for Him or Her

I wish I could stop thinking of you sometimes.
This is the third time today that I’ve written you name,
Instead of another man’s name. Is this what love can do!
I miss you. Just checking on you.

I wish I could make you stay cool forever
More than the AC in your office,
I wish I could give you more comfort,
Than the chair in the office.
I wish I could be all that you need.
But above it all, I wish you’ll find your job so easy.
Stay great, I am proud of you.


Lovely and softly, I came to say hi,
To the one that I love, who makes me go high,
The one I will be with forever without saying bye…
I love you forever, please don’t ask why.

I Miss your smile, and I can’t help it,
I feel like my heart is failing bit by bit,
I feel like I stagger, and I am not fit…
Your love is killing me softly, I admit. Love Messages for Him or Her

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3 Must Sent Love Messages for Him or Her Every Day
3 Must Sent Love Messages for Him or Her Every Day

Good Night Love Messages

And what about the night?
The night is as important as the morning because it is the curtain that opens the path to every blessed morning. It is when you need to tell your lover that, like I was with you today, I will be with you tomorrow. The possibility of him or her having had a bad day might even be there, so the need to get something to relax his or her mind is maxima.

The greatest of all good mornings always come from a good night, hence the reason you have to make him or her end the night in love.

And what would you do? Send something like this… Love Messages for Him or Her


I celebrate the best night,
Whenever I think of a better afternoon and a good morning.
I celebrate the best lover,
By thinking I never had a good and a better one.
I celebrate you today as you go to bed.
Stay lovely and have a sweet dream.

My mornings may be good,
And my afternoons better,
But I care for the best night…
And it is full of bliss,
Whenever it ends with you.
Goodnight, I love you.

I took time out to assess my day.
I thought of your care and your love,
I thought of the many smiles you bring to my face.
And I thought of your future with me, and I stopped!
I stopped when I know, tomorrow is another great day with you.
I love you, good night. Love Messages for Him or Her

You are the one to whom I’ll give my accolades,
You are the one to whom I will give my love.
Work may deserve my morning and noon,
But you deserve the best of me every night.

Sleeping with your thought is more than a night lullaby,
Keeping you in my heart is more than a lovely night hug.
For any reason, I don’t want to stay every night without you!
And it’s here again, so goodnight with a bunch of kisses.

Like you touched my life,
In better ways, I want to touch yours too.
Like you loved me truly,
Forever, I want to love you more than. Love Messages for Him or Her

This is my understanding of having a great day,
I wake up with the thought of your love in the morning,
And I go about the day feeling blessed that I have you,
And I end the day knowing you made it count.
Good night and good morning in advance my sweetheart.

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Isn’t it cool to have someone you love? Someone you can remember and your heart would feel like jumping out? And when you are with such you just feel so attached that you don’t want to go? Unending Romantic bliss! That is the kind of a lover that I have… What about you?

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