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9 Food Items to Serve on Birthday Party

A birthday party means fun and a lot of food. When deciding the food items for a birthday party you need to make the menu wisely. It should be according to the choice of kids, not too spicy, and add a lot of sweet items to the menu as kids like sweets. Make sure that whatever you are making the menu should be fresh and hygienic.

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Foods to Serve on Birthday Party

The food of the birthday party must not be regular or fast food which can make your guests ill or they may suffer from diseases or stomach upset. There are a few tips regarding the food items to be served at a birthday party. 9 Food Items to Serve on Birthday Party

  • Cakes and cupcakes:

Cake and cupcakes are common among food items. When it is the birthday of a child then order some small and cute cupcakes.  These are sweet and one can enjoy its share individually. The cupcakes can be of different flavors and each kid can enjoy its favorite flavor.

  • Salads:

You can prepare the salads and one can make the salads using vegetables of different colors and make some attractive designs out of it to make the salad superb. You can bring some veggies in advance and learn to make beautiful salad design out of it. Kids like design in salad and they will like to eat it sometimes just to spoil the design of salad.

  • Fruit salad:

When you need to make the food items healthy, add the fruits to the menu. Kids don’t like to eat fruits but when you make the beautiful design out of salad, they will definitely enjoy it. Bring colorful fruits such as apple, banana, mango, litchi, pineapple, and peach. Cut the fruits and make designs from them. These all fruits when cut in design look so cute and even kids eat them with curiosity. You can present these fruits as snacks to kids.

  • Burger:

Make the fresh burger and satisfy the appetite of your guests with delicious cream and yogurt-filled burger. Add some fresh veggies to it. Everyone likes the burgers and hence it is a good choice for the birthday party menu.

  • Cold drinks:

You can serve some cold drinks to kids. For kids make colorful and sweet cold drinks or fruit juices. This way you can make the party healthy and kids, as well as other guests, will enjoy the taste of healthy juices rather than the health affecting cold drinks.

  • Shakes:

Choose the alternative of cold drinks and give priority to shakes.  Add some shakes to the list to make it more attractive. The fruit shakes or chocolate shakes can make your guests happy with the food.

  • Deserts:

Ice creams and cream rolls must be added to the menu of birthday party edibles. Kids just love to have ice creams. Vanilla and strawberry are the common flavors among the deserts for kids.  During winters don’t order the ice cream and choose some hot drink as the alternative. Hot chocolate shake is a good choice instead of ice cream in winter.

  • Main course:

Keep the main course light. You have already had enough items and kids don’t eat much. You can add noodles or pizza as the main course. When it is about the birthday party then the main course of the party must be two or three items. It can be a burger, pizza, pasta, or even noodles. Kids also like these kinds of flavored and spicy food items to eat at a birthday party.

  • Sweets:

Yet cake is enough as the sweet but you can even add some of the sweets to it such as pastries, puddings, cupcakes, and chocolates.

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These are some of the food items which must be there at the birthday party while you can cut short the list of birthday party food items according to you. 

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