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How to Generate Interest With Your First Online Dating Message

The first message makes or breaks the deal. Your first message will decide if the other person will respond, whether positively or negatively. It might happen. They would not respond at all. All of this depends on how you structure your first message and which words you select to convey your message. 

The first message is a science as well as an art. Yes. You heard that right. It is a science because it needs a perfect length and structure. It is an art because it always requires aesthetics. Some messages are irresistible, and they make you go for typing a reply. Other times, some messages are so mainstream and boring that you do not want to waste your time replying to them. 

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We decide to know the other person merely based on what they have typed into words. So, It is not enough just to find single ladies on a dating site, the main thing is to interest them with your communication. Therefore, in this article, we will look at effective welcome messages.

First Message Strategy #1: Go For Laughs

Keep it casual. Do not come out serious or a buzz killer. Wake up your sense of humour but do not go cheap with it. Balance it. Use the laughing emojis to show that your intent is casual and fun. Create fun in your message that you have typed as it is more likely to attract the other person’s attention. 

First Message Strategy #2: Connect On Common Ground

This strategy is fundamental for creating a bond with someone. The rule book always insists on starting a conversation with the other person by posing quest takes that share a mutual interest in something. The other person is more likely to respond if they see something that involves their interests. 

This way, it becomes more reasonable for them to respond. It sounds casual too. The message always conveys that you are genuinely interested in the other person considering that you two share similar interests. The common ground will take you to different places to bond further by exploring new things. You ask how? Well, it is seen that one common interest usually leads to creating a will to explore more things with the other person. And why not? If you too can get along great in one thing, you might also bring forth good in other things.

First Message Strategy #3: Inspire A Craving

The first messages should be devised so that they do not reveal everything about you. Keep things for later. Let them explore you. Be very balanced about what you have to say. For instance, if you text something that hints at something you want. Keep it hidden in the hints. Do not reveal it through an explanation. 

The hints work perfectly. They should not be too much, however. If they are in excess, they might completely turn off the other person. Be casual in your conversation with a tint of hints in between. That makes the other person crave knowing or even doing more. 

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First Message Strategy #4: Get Personal

Always try to be more person-specific. Please do not say anything that could be said to any other person to approach them. Keep their interests in your mind and create messages that show that you are genuinely interested in talking to them. 

Getting personal also means that you are coming up with questions that concern you and them. 

First Message Strategy #5: Show Off Your Creative Side

Creativity is visible in how you type your texts and what you talk about. You also have to take your conversation in the direction where you can share your creative side with the person: your hobbies, interests, activities, or anything you like to do. 

This side of yours will help you create bonding with the other person. Because once you are done showing them your creative side, they will also show you theirs.

So What Do All These First Messages Have In Common?

Some first messages are a major turn-off. They mostly include:

  • Hey
  • How are you?
  • Looking fine.
  • Can we talk?

Avoid these messages. Instead, engage with the other person on some common grounds. Some tremendous first messages go like this:

  • I saw the ‘insert anything’ poster as your cover. Don’t you think it is ‘insert something related to it’?
  • I know that you are into literature; what do you think of the classics?

So, there are so many messages that you can come up with. 

Best Time To Send Your First Message

The best time can never be morning. It is always evening or the night when you know that the other person will have plenty of time at hand to respond. 

If you rush it and text the person in their busy hour, there are ninety-nine percent chances that you won’t get a reply. They might see your text, but it might slip from their brains to respond to it. 

No Response To Your First Message? Here’s What To Do Next!

If you do not get a response back, then there is only one thing you can do: never leave a second text. If your message was engaging enough and still you get no reply, it is clear that the other person is not looking for relationships or even friendships. 

The best thing that you can do is leave them be. 

Why Savvy Guys Use Copy & Paste Messages

Copy and paste messages are very revealing that you have been sending the same messages to everyone. That is not a good start to create an impression. Most of the time, the savvy guys use copy and paste messages, but this trick would not work with mature people. The copy and paste messages are clear in their letter: ‘ I am here to check if I have any chance.’

Here’s the truth in a nutshell.

Be more genuine in your approach. Your messages should show that you want to know the other person. However, it might not always lead you to get a response. Some people do not prefer phone conversations, so no matter how good you are at texting, they might not respond well. 



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