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5 Tips to Bring Long-Lasting Positive Changes to Any Relationship

Relationships have a significant influence on our lives, affecting us all considerably. Healthy relationships reduce stress, increase our happiness and enhance our overall wellbeing. While there’s no ideal recipe for a harmonious relationship as each one of them is different, a simple attitude adjustment may get you there.

You can feel empowered to make constructive decisions and set your relations in the right direction with some proper insight and guidance.

Building a solid, healthy relationship is not as difficult as it seems; there are basic ways to make them fulfilling, even though each one of your connections with others is unique. Relationships come with many benefits, but making them last requires great responsibility. 

Every relationship has its flaws, but if you want to make yours work long-term you need to focus on the positive side and strive for improvement. The following tips apply to all kinds of relationships including friendships and romantic relationships.

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1. Change the Way You Communicate

We all heard that communication is the key to long-lasting healthy relationships. What makes the difference between the couples or friends who stay together and the ones who split is how they manage their conflicts.

While nobody likes to argue with someone they love, if you communicate openly and constructively, disagreements are, in fact, helpful. Respectful communication can heal both partners’ emotional wounds and strengthen the connection.  

Before you formulate defensive or critical remarks, remember that you love the other one. Often, an initially insignificant argument can become the beginning of a breakup. Sincere, positive re-enforcement and encouragement are very empowering.

Compassionate mirroring and genuine feedback through verbal or non-verbal communication are also vital as they can bring your loved one’s unique talents and qualities to light. Open communication is one of the essential aspects of building a healthy relationship.

So, when starting a new relationship, talking about your needs and expectations is necessary. Finding a communication balance that you and your partner is comfortable with is also essential, and your intuition is what can guide you in that direction. When you learn to use your intuition, you will know when, how and what to communicate with your partner.

Tips for good communication:

  • learn to be receptive and listen
  • try to understand the other one’s perspective 
  • express and share your feelings
  • calm down before arguing 
  • use a clear and specific language
  • avoid criticism and judgment
  • communicate your feelings through inspired quotes and messages

2. Change the Dynamic of Your Relationship

Setting boundaries and giving space to each other is another key aspect of long-term relationships. We all need our space and have personal boundaries that make us feel comfortable and safe. You should feel comfortable setting healthy boundaries in your relationships, knowing that they will be considered and respected.

Everyone needs their own time and space outside a relationship, whether that means attending a class, a morning walk in the park, or going to a fun night out. Time spent apart facilitates personal growth while enlivens the relationship dynamic

Partners who aspire to withstand the wear and tear of time often encourage each other to pursue their passions and interests. When each member of the relationship flourishes, their relationship will bloom itself.

3. Change the Way You Spend Time Together

Incorporating daily or weekly rituals is an excellent way to strengthen relationships. However, it’s good to prevent boredom and routine by shaking things up from time to time. Spontaneous moments of fun and unexpected adventurous dates can re-spark the flame. Creativity and spontaneity are other key aspects of happy long-term relationships. Small gestures can also spice up your relationship, acting as constant reminders of your love and appreciation.

Bonding and bringing excitement into your relationship does not always need to be complex and time-consuming. Here are some examples:

  • Take on a new hobby with your loved one – find something you both enjoy and start learning together. It will not only be fun, but you’ll also get to know each other a lot better and build a deeper connection.
  • Spend time in nature – go on a weekend or a day trip to the nearest spot in nature. You can enjoy your day outdoors in so many ways: you can walk, run, hike, or have a picnic while admiring nature’s beauty. A day in nature will fuel your overall wellbeing, improving your relationship’s dynamics.
  • Dedicate a day just for each other – turn off your phones and focus solely on each other. Plan a relaxing day at home with fun activities or attend a cooking class, wine, or chocolate tasting with your loved one. Spending a day in a spa is another inspired way to bond and deepen your intimacy.

4. Change the Way You Express Your Love

One of our vital emotional needs is to love and feel loved, but what makes you feel loved might not make your partner feel the same. To express your love efficiently, you must learn your partner’s or friend’s love language.

Dr. Gary Chapman’s inspired book, the “5 Love Languages”, will help you discover your and others’ love languages, so you’ll be able to communicate your love in more inspired ways. Intimacy is another way of connecting profoundly with the ones you love.

In a harmonious relationship, both partners must nourish that actively and consciously.

Simple tips to enhance love and intimacy in your relationships:

  • honor your partner’s love language with daily gestures
  • cultivate kindness, compassion, and empathy
  • express your love and appreciation
  • give relational assurances
  • show your commitment to your partner
  • send fun, inspiring messages to your loved one

5. Transform Your Relationships by Transforming Yourself

Every positive change in your relationship starts with yourself. When you spend more time questioning your partner’s words or actions than examining your own, it’s time for some changes. Emotionally mature people take responsibility for their behavior and consciously work to transform their negative aspects.

Many aspects can unconsciously affect our relationships including emotional wounds, shadow projections, and all of our mechanical reactions and triggers. It’s important to develop self-awareness and learn to be present on all body, mind, and spirit levels.

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How to start your transformation and bring more light and love into your relationships:

  • aspire to become a better person and a loving partner
  • seek spiritual guidance, learn and practice
  • take responsibility for your actions
  • learn to apologize and forgive
  • awake your intuition and learn to use it

Awakening your intuition is a major step on your self-transformation journey. Have you ever known something without understanding how you know it? That gut feeling is called intuition, and you may have experienced it at some point in your life. When you’re in a harmonious relationship, things happen at their own pace.

You feel things, and you follow your heart. Intuition can help you to become a better person and a loving partner, friend, and family member. It has helped me in my relations, and each time it was a profound experience for me. Intuition brings more insight about yourself and increases the probability of having happy long-term relationships.

By using your intuition, you will know what your relationship needs at any moment. You will know what to say and how to act to improve it. As you awaken your intuition, it will also help you shift your perspective in the connections you create with others, and you’ll find additional support for your love and happiness. 

About the author: Shawna Allard is a San Diego local relationship psychic, medium, energy healer, and life coach that has dedicated her life to sharing divine wisdom with anyone in need.

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